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Founded in June 2008, Gongyou harmonious home is jointly constructed by Guangzhou Federation of trade unions and China new rural cultural and Economic Research Institute, providing a platform for front-line workers, especially migrant workers, to learn, culture and entertainment. As the operator of Gongyou harmonious home, Guangzhou harmonious home education and training Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "serving enterprises and employees", and has made fruitful achievements in promoting the construction of Gongyou harmonious home, carrying out the mobile courtyard of Gongyou harmonious home, and promoting the three core businesses of the project of employees' dream fulfillment and improvement.
Harmonious home young children's English focuses on the comprehensive and systematic improvement of 4-17-year-old young children's English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability: break the traditional teaching mode, use vivid and interesting interactive teaching aids, flexible and rich scene learning, and let children learn English easily through various immersion teaching forms such as songs, drama, scientific research, etc.; creatively design free reading clubs, including a large number of high-end ones English reading resources, provide children with all English, all scenes, all subjects of graded reading teaching services, all-round training of English reading interest and international thinking; heart to create a comfortable and bright interior design, so that children in a pleasant and comfortable learning environment, use English language to explore the world, open up horizons!
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