Thame Boat Kindergarten
Hunan/Changsha Private company Education/Training  100-499 pepole
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Lishan Education, which originated from Panglin Group, created the Tam Boat brand. The project focused on grinding for three years and plans to spend 400 million yuan to present a British high-end international kindergarten as its core form, including offline kindergarten management and online education The pre-school education industry chain of platforms, curriculum content development, teaching aids and teaching materials development, etc., creates an international preschool education ecosystem that can meet China’s educational needs. The first high-end kindergarten in the system is located on the south bank of Meixi Lake in Changsha, Hunan. It is expected to open in September 2020. Tame Boat Kindergarten aims to give children the ability to be happy. Based on the framework of the EYFS education system, it respects the uniqueness of each child, follows the law of child development, and is committed to becoming a practitioner of systematic and personalized teaching in Chinese kindergartens.
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